Replacement Micro Drone 3.0
Replacement Micro Drone 3.0

Replacement Micro Drone 3.0

$55.00 USD

RRP $80 / RRP £61 / RRP €73

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This product is a Drone-only item and no blade guard set included.

Est. 10-14 days dispatch.

Please note pictures on this page is only for referenceplease make the object as the standard

There are slight variations in the two versions and it is important you select the correct version of the parts for your Drone to ensure engineering fit.
If you pledged before 1st Dec 2015 please select the “Before" option for parts. Any pledges or direct website orders placed after 1st Dec 2015, please select the “After” option.
If you ordered/pledged between 28th Oct and 30th Nov 2015, or are not sure when you ordered, please simply send a photo of the Micro Drone to Our engineers will let you know which version you can order, to ensure you get the correct part for your drone.