Micro Drone 2.0+ Full Set
Micro Drone 2.0+ Full Set
Micro Drone 2.0+ Full Set
Micro Drone 2.0+ Full Set
Micro Drone 2.0+ Full Set
Micro Drone 2.0+ Full Set
Micro Drone 2.0+ Full Set

Micro Drone 2.0+ Full Set

$80.00 USD

What’s Included in the box:

1 x Micro Drone 2.0+

1 x 2.4GHZ Handset

1 x 300mAh rechargable battery

1 x USB charger cable

4 x standard propellers

4 x spare inverted propellers

1 x manual

Camera Module Kit sold separately click here




  • Handset: Added functions powered by Micro Drone 3.0
  • Three speed setting: Standard, Fast, Insane
  • Inverted flying:  Flip 180 degrees or take off upside down!
  • Return Home
  • Smart Orientation


CAMERA (sold separately)

  • Attach to the underside of the drone and plug into the CPU
  • Set to Video or Photo mode
  • Press the Camera button on the handset to activate the camera




  • Fly Micro Drone in a spacious area hovering around 3 meters from the ground
  • Adjust the sideways and forward/backward trim buttons to hover in a stable position
  • Switch to Stunt Mode "Beginner/Advanced" by sliding to the right
  • Push the control sticks in the direction you want to flip.
  • The pre-programmed algorithm will make Micro Drone perform a 360 degree,mid air flip
  • Flick "Invert" while flying and the Drone will flip 180 degrees to fly upside down.
  • Micro Drone Li-Po battery is removable and slides out of the battery compartment
  • Extra batteries are available to order, as well as extra large batteries, we recommend having a number of batteries, allowing you to extend the flight time
  • Replacement propellers are available to order - please refer to the guide on the instruction manual when choosing the correct propellers as each of the four propeller are specific to each motor arm
  • The drone slots together in eight pieces, allowing you to build it up and replace any part




  • Insert four AA batteries into the handset
  • Do not recharge non-rechargeable batteries
  • Only use a single brand of batteries (mixing is not recommended)
  • Insert batteries with the correct polarity as illustrated in the battery compartment
  • Exhausted batteries should be removed from the handset and Micro Drone
  • Do not short circuit the battery terminals
  • Do not mix Alkaline, Carbon Zinc or Rechargeable batteries
  • Batteries must be handled under adult supervision at all times