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Micro Drone 3.0 Spreads Consumer Drone Awareness on International Drone Day

Micro Drone will show presence at select events this May to spread awareness about consumer drones in celebration of International Drone Day 2016 and to echo 'Drones are good' concept of the event as the leading brand of micro size drone market. International Drone Day 2016 is the second annual event celebrating drones. Taking place on May 7th, the drone community educates on the benefits of drones and encourages the public to participate in events with teams headed by professional racers and pilots in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia. Extreme Fliers will be participating in events across the US to show off its own range of small consumer drones. Visiting 4 different states throughout May, Extreme Fliers will be showcasing...

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Extreme Fliers Micro Drone wins the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2016

We are delighted to celebrate today being one of the select businesses recognised as winners of the 2016 Queen’s Award for Enterprise - the UK’s highest accolade for business success. The award has been made in recognition of Extreme Fliers’ (Extreme Toys Ltd) remarkable innovation in the miniaturisation of technology, using a high-resolution camera in a small size Drone, progressing the electronics design. Micro Drone 2.0, conceptualised in 2012 is the first micro quad-copter with an HD video camera module. Designed with a modular structure, the Drone is easy to maintain and suitable for customisation. The innovation has brought in outstanding benefits to the business. In the last two years, Extreme Fliers has produced and sold more than twelve times...

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Welcome to the Micro Drone community

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Micro Drone community. Thank you for your support for Micro Drone 3.0. Now we would also like to welcome you to join in thousands of users around the world who have come together supporting the creation of Micro Drone 3.0. You’ll find everything you will need with Micro Drone here in the website. We are thrilling to support you to explore the exciting activities Micro Drone is used for. There are tutorials and documentation you need to get started which is available on the App (Search Micro Drone 3.0 in App Store and Android), instruction manual and this website. This is just the beginning of the Drone revolution. Our goal is to create new technology...

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