Welcome to the Micro Drone community

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the Micro Drone community.

Thank you for your support for Micro Drone 3.0. Now we would also like to welcome you to join in thousands of users around the world who have come together supporting the creation of Micro Drone 3.0.

You’ll find everything you will need with Micro Drone here in the website. We are thrilling to support you to explore the exciting activities Micro Drone is used for. There are tutorials and documentation you need to get started which is available on the App (Search Micro Drone 3.0 in App Store and Android), instruction manual and this website.

This is just the beginning of the Drone revolution. Our goal is to create new technology and push boundaries that inspire and delight.

Thank you for sharing the story.


Extreme Fliers and Micro Drone team.

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